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slack! February 25, 2010

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“i’m still alive but i’m barely breathing just prayed to a god that i don’t believe in cause i got time while she got freedom cause when a heart breaks no it don’t break even” …so this quote is actually a song but it’s kinda the theme to my life right now! it’s called break even by script! u should listen to it:]

ok so i’ve been really slackin’ on my blogs! i haven’t dont them in about 2 weeks so here is mine for the week of feb 8-12! this week we began choosing our model lessons. my partner is Emily and we did FLAY. we chose to do animals in spanish.

Keri had a read aloud this week. she read “Gone High Tech and Senioritis.” it was like a poem and it was awesome! it talked about how u can just use technology like voice recorders and cell phones instead of coming to school as a senior! it really truely did grasp the senioritis concept.

“study says most 1st grade classes are not high quality”

a study of 820 1st grade classrooms suggests that many are not as warm, friendly, and academically stimulating as some experts think they ought to be. this article also tells us how in 1st grade, students really aren’t learning what they should.

so it snowed this week! it was so awesome! but unfortunately the school wouldn’ let us, the dazzlers, go to our competition:( it was really depressing because we had worked so hard to go… but luckily it got rescheduled to march 6:) i had soooo much fun playing in all the snow with my best friend amelia!


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