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Newberry College Field Trip! September 26, 2009

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ok so yesterday we had a Teacher Cadet conference at Newberry College. It was a lot of fun. We got to meet fellow Teacher Cadets from oher schools in our district, like Irmo and Chapin.

During the conference, we were spoken to by the dean of Newberry College, Carl Horn. Also, aspiring teaches who currently attended Newberry College, talked to us about how it was like going to school to become a teacher. It was really awesome to get some more perspective on what being a teacher is really like!

We played some ice breaker games, which were sooooo much fun!!! We played people tp people first. In this game, you had to touch body parts to different people, such as arm to arm or foot to foot. And plus there were some cute guys there and playing the game was really fun with them:] ha…taylor!! We then got into groups of 10 and played follow the leader! Then the last thing we did was we had a dance party with our groups! ha… it was so fun and I felt like a litle kid again!

We then had to go to workshops! In my workshop we got to make slime and gak!! It was so cool! And I also got to speak to one of the head chemistry and forensics teacher there, Mr. Parrish, because he heard I was interested in forensic pathology, and he gave me sme more incite on forensics!

I actually might consider going to Newberry College because it is a great school! It’s small only 1100 students, so the classes will be smaller, it’s close to home, and it offers what I want to major in!


Barack Obama September 24, 2009

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So I was absent monday because I was sick but when I came back wednesday Raven read “Barack Obama: Son of Promise, Child of Hope” by Nikki Grimes. It was a children’s book but it was very inspirational. We discussed that this book could be used in a history or psychology class, as well as on career day or even in a geography lesson. Raven chose a very good book to share with the class. If I ever decide to teach in the future, I will definitely have this book in my classroom.

We also worked on our cheer for the up-coming Newberry College field trip. It was so much fun, trying to watch all the guys…STOMP and SHAKE! ha lol:]

Current Educational News: “New York Test Scores Raise Eyebrows”


This article says that test scores and report card grades in NY have drastically increased. It states that 97% of NYC public schools got an A or B under the distrcit’s grading policy. But some people are saying that just because scores are going up does not mean schools are getting better.

I am really excited about our field trip tomorrow:] and I’ll tell everyone all about it soon!!



“losing season” September 2, 2009

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second read aloud: exerpt from “Losing Season” by Pat Conroy

this exerpt was about a teacher who was very inspiring and encouraging to his student. he would always push him even farther, knowing that he was destined for success. in this exerpt pat is reading an assigned book, and as he is reading it he has this burning question that the author is just somehow not answering. he asks his teacher the question and his teacher tells him to go read a part from macbeth and that would answer is question. pat read the part from macbeth and his teaher asked the class the question the next day in school. he asked pat, who by his surprise, had actually gone and read that part in macbeth and knew the answer. his teacher gave him an A+. from then on pat followed all of his teachers advice, and his teacher began helping him alot. and today pat is a teacher!


“the brand new kid”

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for our first read aloud, Mrs. J read us “The Brand New Kid” by Katie Couric. It was a children’s book but it had alot of meaning and value behind it. It was about this new kid, Lsfjksjdfh, (his name started with an L) and how everyone made fun of him. L was from a different country and so he looked different and spoke differently from all the other kids at school. and one day this little girl realizes everyone is mean to him and he has no friends. They become friends and in the end L has many friends!

This is a great story to read to younger group of kids. It could really show them the effects of bullying and teach them that you shouldn’t pick on others based on race, religion, color, nationality, or anything else except for the person they are.



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so on the first day of teacher cadet class, we were given a box of crayons and asked to chose one that represented us. i chose a pinkish-red color(melon) because it was bright and colorful, like me! Mrs. J then told us to do whatever we wanted to the crayon that would make it represent us more. this was really tough because i was like ugh what the heck am i supposed to do? i ended up breaking it in half because one of the halves represented the person i am when im happy and the other, the person i am when im mad! which are to completely different people! it was an interesting activity…one that i never would’ve thought about. and if i plan on becoming a teacher it is one i will definitely consider using as an icebreaker.


direction connection!

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so the first day of school was really stressful and hectic for us, especially the freshman! which is why i think direction connection is such a great idea. as a teacher cadet, we helped students(mainly freshmen) find their classes and lockers. i worked with Sarah G. and Sarah H. they were really fun to work with.

but some kids, you could tell, were reluctant to come ask us for help. you could somewhat tell they were too scared to talk to us, or they thought we were trying to trick them by telling them the wrong directions. most of the kids who i could tell were lost i had to personally go up to them and say, “hey, are you lost? let me help you.” also some people were a little too friendly and acting stupid. like this one random guy looked lost and i was like, “do you know where you’re going?” and he said, “yeah, but would you like to escort me there?” I was like, “EWWW NO!” so that was something kind of interesting that happened to me during direction connection.

direction connection was a very fun learning experience. it abled us to act as leaders by helping our peers. it was a great way to start the year off as a teacehr cadet!