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18th Birthday:) February 25, 2010

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“The object of education is to prepare the young to educate themselves throughout their lives.” ~Robert Maynard Hutchins

so this week in class me and emily did our FLAY model lessons! we taught spanish and animals. we brought in stuffed animals and had the students label them. we thought the stuffed animals would be better than pictures because they are more fun and better to look at and plus the students could hold and play with them and have hands- on learning.

“Approaches to Alternative Teachers Compensation”

this article is talking about teachers salaries and how some teachers work better if they’re paid better. they talk about the three ways teachers are paid…uniform salary, performance- based, outcome- based.

my birthday is on friday and im soo excited:] im gonna go out with a bunch of friends and have soo much fun! because turning 18 is a big deal:] my dad already got me this really pretty ring with my birthstone in it!



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“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”¬† -Albert Einstein

so i got accepted into USC’s college of nursing! i’m sooo excited…i can’t wait until graduation now so i can start my journey to becoming a nurse:] so this week we started model lessons. they were really fun because we got to act like the kids in the grades that the teachers were teachihng! it also gave us a chance to act as teachers and practice before we got out to field experience. and we had no more read alouds:(

“Attracting and Developing High-Quality Teachers”

this article says that school boards should choose higher quality teachers to give students a more adequate education. it also says that teachers should be observed more to determine their teaching quality.

we got our field experience teachers. mine is Mrs. Cooke, second grade! i’m so excited and i can’t wait to start field experience. it also gives me an excuse to go shopping for some new clothes! ūüôā ha lol



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“i’m still alive but i’m barely breathing just prayed to a god that i don’t believe in cause i got time while she got freedom cause when a heart breaks no it don’t break even” …so this quote is actually a song but it’s kinda the theme to my life right now! it’s called break even by script! u should listen to it:]

ok so i’ve been really slackin’ on my blogs! i haven’t dont them in about 2 weeks so here is mine for the week of feb 8-12! this week we began choosing our model lessons. my partner is Emily and we did FLAY. we chose to do animals in spanish.

Keri had a read aloud this week. she read “Gone High Tech and Senioritis.” it was like a poem and it was awesome! it talked about how u can just use technology like voice recorders and cell phones instead of coming to school as a senior! it really truely did grasp the senioritis concept.

“study says most 1st grade classes are not high quality”

a study of 820 1st grade classrooms suggests that many are not as warm, friendly, and academically stimulating as some experts think they ought to be. this article also tells us how in 1st grade, students really aren’t learning what they should.

so it snowed this week!¬†it was so awesome! but unfortunately the school wouldn’ let us, the dazzlers, go¬†to our competition:( it was really depressing¬†because we had worked so hard to go… but luckily it got rescheduled to march 6:) i had soooo much fun playing in¬†all the snow with my¬†best friend amelia!


i missed food friday! February 9, 2010

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“sometimes the people you love are the ones you hurt the most.”

i can’t believe i missed food friday:[ but i wasn’t feeling good & i thought my da dgave me the stomach virus & i didn’t want to go to school & give it to anyone! well this week in class we chose our school and grade levels for field experience & started a new unit! we vaguely started it on wed. and i wasn’t there friday so i hope i didn’t miss too much!!! this week for the read aloud…Raven read Mr. Monty by Andrew Penn. it was a short story about a teacher dealing with misbehvaing students. it was a really good story and it gave some incite on what might happen to us later on as teachers! even in field experience, we may experience some unruly kids!

“effective programs for dealing with autism in schools today.”

1 out of every 100 children in the US has some form of autism. this website explains to teachers how to cope with autisctic children in their classroom. the federal government says that autism is increasing at a rate of 17 percent each year!