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let’s start wrapping things up! April 28, 2010

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so FE is almost over! next week is our last week:( im gonna miss it! i have gotten so close to my students and my FE teacher! forreal.. i feel like i’m actually their real teacher! all the students ask for my help and call me Miss Alexis! it makes me feel so loved:) and im gonna miss all of them and there littleness…if that’s a word! lol

so this week the students did alot with math while i was there. they are learning how to work with money and calculators. it’s so weird to teach someone how to use a calculator. to us they are so simple but to my second graders they are the hardest things to figure out! it’s so cute:) and they also are doing “Readers’s Theater,” which is liek a play from a book. at the end of the year parents are allowed to come to school for the day with their children and they plan a whole day for the parents and the students are going to perform their Reader’s Theater to their parents! which is really exciting for them! they are so excited and can’t wait! one group is doing the tortoise and the hare and anotehr group is doing the rough- faced girl. rough- faced girl is about this village that has a person living there known as the invisible one. the invisible one can only be seen by his sister, and he is trying to find his perfect wife! all the girls in the village have to try and take a test to pass and become his wife. and rough- faced girl passes the test. they call her rough- faced girl because she has bad scars from a fire. it is such a cute story and all the students love it!

but i really am beginning to feel my teacher heart grow! i really am a teacher….i check homework, grade tests, teach lessons, read to them, take care of them! i’m really gonna miss it so much! i mean i am looking forward to coming back to TC class and seeing our family but my FE class has also become my family and i love every moment of it!


getting back into the groove of things… April 17, 2010

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so spring break is over:/ but good news only 4 weeks of school left!!!!

in FE this week i was sick on monday so i didn’t go to school that day:/ which was kind of depressing because i missed my class! on wed. the students started learning about fairytales and they read the little red hen. they also had a math lesson on money and prices. they also got to work and practice with calculators which i helped them a lot because they have no idea how to use them!:) its so cute! on friday i got to give another lesson… i read a fairytale to the class and did a fairytale wed chart. the chart has the following: the setting, the characters-which are normally good vs. evil, the problems, the solution-“happy ending”, and the lesson learned from the story. i read Rumpelstiltskin which the class loved! and the good thing was not many of them had read it.

i love FE so much and i am really to have a strong relationship with my FE teacher and students! Mrs. Cooke is very interested in my future plans for college and life and she’s always asking how school and dance and life is going! and all my students are so sweet and i have made some real connections with some of them! this week i feel like i have been connecting with one student in particular, Deron. he has read one on one with me this week and i feel like for some reason he always wants my attention and maybe its because he is taking advantage of having 2 teachers in class with him or what but he is really starting to shine almost! he is always asking me for help and wanting to read with me and to me it shows his eagerness to work and show others his work!

i can’t believe we only have a few weeks left of FE:/ im excited because it means school is almost over but im sad because i know im gonna have to leave all of this…high school…some of my friends…teachers…graduation is going to be so exciting! but im happy and terrified all at the same time! this is the beginning of the rest of our lives!