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families helping families December 10, 2009

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“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” -Albert Einstein

this week in TC we got our stuff for our family that we adopted through families helping families. my group had Horace who is 18. we got him a ton of candy! and some nice jeans and a nice shirt and a hoodie, we also got him a snuggie and some headphones. and a lot of guy stuff like axe, deodorant, etc. we also got the whole family cleaning supplies(soap, windex, laundry detergent) and toilet paper. i think we did really well for the family and i hope they like all their gifts and i hope they have a merry christmas!

we didn’t really do much this week in class except for prepare for families helping families. on wednesday, we had sooo much fun! we made our own homemade movies based on real movies! like saw and harry potter and twilight. it was so much fun! Mrs. J was even getting into it too. she was like let me help with your costumes and wanted us to film them for her. it was great. i really love TC and how much we bond over doing silly, pointless things. i really feel like we are growing more as a family each class. im gonna be really sad when we have field experience and won’t be in class with each other:(

The New SAT Score Policy: Tiny Loophole, Big Shock?

this article is about how some colleges are requiring students to send them all their SAT scores…not just the good ones. some students are totally against this… i mean i am. its not fair to judge a student based how many times it took them to get a good score…what matters is that they got the grade, not how long it took.


pop-ups! December 4, 2009

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“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.”  ~Sydney J. Harris

so this week we did our pop-up book talks on our barrier book. i read speak and it was soo good! i loved the movie and the book was even better. some of the other books i heard about from the pop- up presentations were winter girls, cut and upstream…i am really interested in reading them.

Emily read “the catcher and the rye” by JD Salinger and Lauren read “The Giver” by Lois Lowery.

we are currently working our families helping families project! im sooo happy we’re doing this…its an awesome oppurtunity to help others in need. my group has horace. we decided to give him a snuggie and a gift card since he is 18 and he is probably capable of buying his own things! im can’t wait until the family gets all their stuff on Christmas! i hope they like everything!

“End of Course Evaluations”

this article states that many high schools and colleges should really work on end of year exam from year to year because as cirriculum changes so do standards, and some exams are not meeting those standards or are not related to the course learned throughout the year.

so this week my boyfirend got into a really bad car wreck! which is why i was so down on thursday’s class… i didn’t know what has happen so i was freaking out. i heard a car flipped and on the radip i heard there were major injuries. hsi car and another car went head on because soem other car was in  the wrong lane! how freaking stupid!!! and they flipped teh other car, but fortunately the girl driving was perfectly fine…just some minor cuts. but jimmy and his mom were rushed to the hospital because they were having chest pains and difficulty breathing. it was a very stressful day for me! he was at the hospital all day for tests and they found out that most of his muscles on his left side are torn and seatbelt lacerations and he jammed his knee. it just goes to show that people should learn how to drive because it was so the other girls fault, obviously, since she was in the wrong lane! and the last wreck we got into was the other person’s fault too! people need to get off their phone, quit speeding and just flipping pay attention! like im a teenager but i know how to drive so that i don’t kill anyone! i hate people who drive all fast and thinks its like so cool! and when im going the speed limit i hate it when people are like right on my butt! they obviously have never had a $100 speeeding ticket…like me! if people were punished for doing stupid things like speeding or driving recklessly more often….wrecks like this wouldn’t happen!