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senior service day!!! March 29, 2010

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instead of going to senior service day we got spend the whole day at FE!!! it was such a great experience! i really got to experience being a teacher for the whole day… it was so fun and exhausting all at the same time! i also was really able to bond with my FE teacher.

this week i also taught my first real lesson! the kids are learning about capacity (gallons, quarts, pints, and cups) in math so Mrs. Cooke and i thought it would be a good idea for me to teach a lesson on that! we made the gallon people…aka “Gloria Gallon!” the kids really loved the activity because they got to color and cut and paste and all little kids love that! they also really retained the information i actually taught them! i felt like i did a succesful job at teaching the intended lesson! i also made them brownies as a treat! they were really excited about that…but before we ate them we discussed the ingredients in them and the measurements used to make them (mainly cups) so they were able to put the lesson into a real life situation!

also this week Mrs. Cooke found a picture of me in an old yearbook from River Springs! it was so weird! lol…also all of the teachers around Mrs. Cooke’s room remember me from when i went there which is really awesome! all the teachers there are really awesome! they really see going far with teaching and nursing! they say i have a natural act with kids and i have a great personality and get along well with everybody! that makes me feel really confident as a teacher!

since doing FE my teacher heart as truly grown! in being there not even a month i love all my students and we all have a great relationship as a class! teaching these kids and being with Mrs. Cooke has really had a huge impact on my future! i really think teaching is something i want to do! i am going to be sooo sad when FE is over:( TC and FE have boht impacted my life so much and i think had made me a better more understanding person!

my story this week has to do with a student in my class, Damian! Damian is so smart! He has the highest test scores in his class, but he misbehaves sooo much! and it’s because he’s never with his mom…he’s always with neighbors or other relatives who take care of him because his mom is always working to care for his siblings as well as there new baby on the way! Damian’s real father isn’t at home and it just breaks my heart!!! He is so smart, but his social skills are so poor now wants to be friends with him and he acts for attention. i have the strongest relationship with Damian because i know what he’s capable of and he is a very special student!


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