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PASS testing. March 18, 2010

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favorite song of the week! Forever and Almost Always by Kate Voegele…i’ve really been feeling this song lately and i thought i’d share it with u…go listen to it!

“So you’ll be my Forever and Almost Always,
And I’ll be fine, just love me when you can
And I’ll wait patiently, I’ll wake up everyday
Just hoping that, you still care”

on tuesday the schools were having PASS testing so we weren’t allowed to go to FE..which made me kinda sad because i missed my students! but it was great getting to go back to TC class and see everybody! i’ve missed our family so much! it was great to be in class because we got to go over what our portfolio was supposed to be like and i had no clue what the portfolio was, but now it’s all cleared up! we also got to share stories from FE with the class. i LOVED Jud’s story about the little boy and his girlfriend! when the little boy was like “my girlfriend is on her period!!!” haha lol and it made it sooo much funnier because they are 4th graders. also Mrs. J gave us a read aloud! i love being read to and i missed it so much! i’ve been reading out loud to my students during FE, but it’s nice to have someone read to you every now and then. Mrs. J read “Once Upon an Ordinary School Day” by Colin McNaughton. it was so cute! the book started off in shades of grey and brown… very boring ordinary colors. and when the little boy in the story went to school, color began to show when the teacher walked in the room! the teacher put on music and asked the children to imagien what the sound is and write a story about it. the little boy wrote about elephants! then the whole book turned into color! the color represented the teacher bringing out the imagination and creativity in his students.

in FE this week my class was doing math. they did area and perimeter of shapes. for their experiment i made 2 cylinder shapes out of paper, one tall and narrow and the other short and wide. the students then filled each cylinder with macaroni to determine which held the most. the kids were really into the experiment because they were able to use their hands and get up and actually move around and interact with their peers. Mrs. C is just the best CT ever! she is great and she has really helped me adapt well to FE. she says i’m doing very well with the children!

no stories this week:( but i do just want to say that FE is really making me consider teaching as a career. as you may know i got accepted into USC’s college of nursing but being in FE with Mrs. C and our students i really am starting to love teaching more and more everyday! i really want to build strong relationships with my students and CT and by doing so i hope that will help me make my decision. oh and Mrs. C is soo excited about her shirt! she can’t wait!


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  1. Great job!
    Don’t forget that you’ll go to FE on Friday for the full day instead of Senior Service Day. You’ll need to get the t-shirt whenever they give them out and wear that to your school.

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