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i actually did something! March 14, 2010

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qoute for tshirts “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Suess

FE is this week was so better now that i feel comfortable and relaxed in my classroom. my class really knows me now and they aren’t afraid to ask me for help and it really makes me feel like a teacher. so this week i got to lead a reading group. me and a few students read a book and then we had discussion questions to answer and they really understood the book. i also made a “ME” box. i brought in a box filled wgrith stuff about me. i brought in dance shoes, my pageant crown, a book, jewelry, etc. and then i read the book that Sarah G. read out loud in class “Enemy Pie!” they loved it sooo much! and they were such a good group to read to.

so this week in class the kids have been continuing their study on non- fiction. they also have been doing math fractions. Mrs. Cooke has really been  letting work with the kids and giving me alot of hands on action with them! she says i’m adapting real well to them and i’m really acting like a teacher. so my story for the week is how awesome the adult bathrooms are at RSES! they’re so pretty and they smell good and they are clean! they have like lotion and hairspray and everything in there and even like a shelf for book sharing! its so cool!


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