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FE:) March 8, 2010

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field experience is sooo awesome! i love it! Mrs. Cooke is so sweet and she’s really cool! on my first day i got there about 10 minutes early to talk with Mrs. Cooke and give her all the info she needs for FE. when i got there i had my own desk! it was so cute! it had a star next to it that said Miss Alexis and i had flowers and school supplies and a welcome card! it was so thoughtful and made me feel comfortable right away! the class prepared for my arrival and they already know me and they were just so cute! also i’ve noticed that kids love to learn about anything and everything! in class they were reading an article on the Olympic snowboarder, Shaun White, and the kids flipped out because they were sooo excited! also kids love to be read to and also love to read themselves!

this week i just really observed and watched how the class worked. they have been starting a new unit on non-fiction so they have been reading alot of non-fiction  biographies. in the morning Mrs. Cooke would take role and have the students write in their journals and read. i got to help check their homework and read with them. when they individual reading time i went around and they read to me and i helped them with their work. we also had a fire and tornado drill this week which was actually a really good learning experience. it showed me how to really take control and control the students under something so stressful and paniced.

in FE so far i have had to apply learning barriers from TC class. there is a student in my FE class and he thinks he’s a dinosaur. he is sooo sweet and such a good reader but him thinking he’s a dinosaur gets in the way. Mrs. Cooke told me it was worse at the beginning of the year but now it’s getting better and it’s been a little bit of a challenge teaching him when he’s literally in his own world.

ok so i have a super cute story to tell. there’s a little boy in my FE class who has a crush on me:] it’s sooo cute! i walked in thursday morning and he was like good morning Miss Alexis and i said good morning back and then he turned to another student and was she likes me she rememered my name! it was adorbale!!!


One Response to “FE:)”

  1. Mrs. Jackson Says:

    YAY! I’m so glad you had a good first week. I think I forgot to warn y’all that the kids will develop crushes on you – big time!

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