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i missed food friday! February 9, 2010

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“sometimes the people you love are the ones you hurt the most.”

i can’t believe i missed food friday:[ but i wasn’t feeling good & i thought my da dgave me the stomach virus & i didn’t want to go to school & give it to anyone! well this week in class we chose our school and grade levels for field experience & started a new unit! we vaguely started it on wed. and i wasn’t there friday so i hope i didn’t miss too much!!! this week for the read aloud…Raven read Mr. Monty by Andrew Penn. it was a short story about a teacher dealing with misbehvaing students. it was a really good story and it gave some incite on what might happen to us later on as teachers! even in field experience, we may experience some unruly kids!

“effective programs for dealing with autism in schools today.”

1 out of every 100 children in the US has some form of autism. this website explains to teachers how to cope with autisctic children in their classroom. the federal government says that autism is increasing at a rate of 17 percent each year!


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  1. incomplete
    (and you missed last week’s)

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