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one month & counting… January 26, 2010

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“so take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you’ve never been hurt because every 60 seconds you spend upset is a minute of happiness you’ll never get back!”
learning experiences : so this week in TC we discussed to hurried child and how stressful it is on a child to be overscheduled! we watched an episode of Supernanny about these kids who had like 9 afterschool activites a week and they were all under the age of 10! it was ridiculous b/c you could really tell it was impacting the children’s behavior, sleeping patterns, and school work. they were out of control and had no structure in their lives b/c they were constantly driving from one activity to the next. we also did a book in a day and i read the one about children growing up & my chapter was about teenagers growing up and going through puberty and that “awkward stage!” it also discussed the effects of masturbation and incest on a the growing child!
observations/current issues(at DFHS): since break has been over i have noticed that teachers have piling on the homework! couldn’t they just keep a steady pace of the same amount of hw throughout the school year, instead of giving us very little 1st semester and a butt load 2nd semester!!! i mean i have a job and other stuff i do outside of school…dance, friends. its really hard to deal with that change when im used to something else! teachers r stressing us out! its our senior year, i know we’re not supposed to slack off too much, but come one they give us a little slack! i have so many major projects going on right now i can’t keep up!
read alouds: sara von read an adorable poem called “when you thought i wasn’t looking!” it was about a child who notices all the stuff adults in there lives that really make a huge impact…i.e. praise, reward.


2 Responses to “one month & counting…”

  1. Mrs. Jackson Says:

    Here’s a comment – YAY!
    great job. You’re right – this is when the going gets tough, but remember it’s also when the tough get going!

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