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in sickness & in health. January 15, 2010

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“it is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” -Aristotle

this week i was out sick on monday and tuesday. it was awful! my back ws killing me all day on sunday so bad it hurt my neck and legs! i woke up monday morning and literally could not walk! my mom didn’t know what was wrong with me so we went to the doctor and they said i had all the symptoms of mono…so they tested me for mono and strep throat. i didn’t have either but the doctor told me to take it easy and just stay in bed for the next day or two. i hate missing school because when i come back i have to make up so much and i get really behind. but im really happy its a 4 day week and its the end of the semester so alot of teachers are giving us busy/easy work.

this week at school ive noticed alot of people have been out sick! strep is starting to go around so people need to stay healthy and stay away from sick people….all the usual stuff…wash your hands,etc. also alot of seniors exempted their senior exams so alot of them didn’t come to school! and also the 4×4 seniors have left so there are now less students at our school. im also really sad that my guidance counselor mrs. turner is leaving! she was a really good person to talk to & she helped me alot through school and really helped out with all my college applications!

“Race to the Top Assessment Program”

this assessment program has set aside $350 million for schools to develop their next generation of assessments…hopefully this will help schools chose what assessments should be made for each students and how they should go about acheiving success because success is #1 in education:] its important that each child receives the proper education!

halee read a poem called “teachers” this week… it was so sweet! it was a student who wrote it for there teacher. halee said she wants to be a teacehr like the one the poem was written about. she said she wants to be that teacher that her students love and make them feel good…i agree with her!:]


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