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families helping families December 10, 2009

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“It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” -Albert Einstein

this week in TC we got our stuff for our family that we adopted through families helping families. my group had Horace who is 18. we got him a ton of candy! and some nice jeans and a nice shirt and a hoodie, we also got him a snuggie and some headphones. and a lot of guy stuff like axe, deodorant, etc. we also got the whole family cleaning supplies(soap, windex, laundry detergent) and toilet paper. i think we did really well for the family and i hope they like all their gifts and i hope they have a merry christmas!

we didn’t really do much this week in class except for prepare for families helping families. on wednesday, we had sooo much fun! we made our own homemade movies based on real movies! like saw and harry potter and twilight. it was so much fun! Mrs. J was even getting into it too. she was like let me help with your costumes and wanted us to film them for her. it was great. i really love TC and how much we bond over doing silly, pointless things. i really feel like we are growing more as a family each class. im gonna be really sad when we have field experience and won’t be in class with each other:(

The New SAT Score Policy: Tiny Loophole, Big Shock?

this article is about how some colleges are requiring students to send them all their SAT scores…not just the good ones. some students are totally against this… i mean i am. its not fair to judge a student based how many times it took them to get a good score…what matters is that they got the grade, not how long it took.


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  1. Great job – and it’s nice to see y’all are reading each other’s blogs!

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