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barrier presentations…continued. November 21, 2009

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“Children have to be educated, but they have also to be left to educate themselves” -Ernest Dimnet

so this week we have continued presenting our barriers projects. we learned about abuse, substance abuse, poverty, death, and griefing. my group presented our abuse presentation. it was a really great way for us to learn how to teach one another and gave us practice for our teaching careers and/or field experience. we also had another food friday:] which i love!

Sarah G. read Enemy Pie by Derek Munson. it was such a cute  book. it was about this little boy who didn’t liek this other little boy and they became enemies. so he asks his dad to help him get back at his enemy and his dad makes him enemy pie, but the only way for it to work is that they have to hang out for a whole day. in the end the little boys become friends, and the enemy pie really truely worked. the lesson of the book is don’t judge a book by its cover, and get to know people before you decide to hate them.

Getting it Wrong: Surprising Tips on How to Learn- so this article talks about different methods of teaching. they say that if you are teaching a lesson, such as a multiplication problem, by repeating it over adn over, it helps to stop in between repeats to make sure all the kids really know and understand the lesson/problem. this article also states that if students make errors, they will learn the errors and be prevented (or slowed) in learning. i think this is true. i think teachers should slow down and make sure everyone of their students full understands the topic before moving on.

i was in charleston this weekend and there were some loud kids running around annoying the other guests. we had a junior civitan convention and so there were alot of high school kids running around the hotel and the other guests were being very rude. the hotel said that if any guests left because of us we had to pay for them. which is ridiculous. people are so picky and needy nowadays and its so annoying! im sure when they were our age they were the same way… you would think adults would understand what being a kid is like. well you do mrs. J:]




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