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barrier presentations. November 16, 2009

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“it is only when we forget all our learning that we begin to know.” -Henry David Thoreau

learning experiences:

so this week we have begun presenting our barrier presentations. the first presentation we had was about depression. i learned that depression doesn’t neccessarily have to caused by something, it can just happen on its own. the next barrie presentation was latchkey kids. latchkey kids are the kids whose parents work all the time. most latchkey kids are left  home alone, with no one to take care of them or to supervise their activites.

read- alouds:

i had a read aloud this week. i read a diary entry from the freedom writers’ diary. it was about a girl who was writing about her uncle sexual molesting her. she was comparing herself to Celie from The Color Purple. i read this read aloud because it ties in with my barrier…abuse. also the freedom writers’ diary is a good book to use with learning our different barriers.

Jessica read Miss Spider’s Tea Party. we decided this book could be used to teach ryhme and number sequences/counting.

current event:

in anatomy class, our teacher was talking to us about college, and he said that benedict college is no longer accredited! i was whoa, that sucks! and it really does because people who have degrees from that school are okay as long as they have a job, but if they quit or get fired and try to find another job, their degree is worthless. this is so for such degrees as medicine, teaching, business, etc.


this week in TC in learning about barriers, people have become more open to one another. im glad that we’re all comfortable enough to tell each other personal stories about our lives. especially when we talked about depression, a few people, as well as myself, oepned up to the class and told their stories of how depression had a toll on their family.





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