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accidents happen. November 8, 2009

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“fair isn’t equal, and equal isn’t fair!”

so this week has been so crazy and hectic for me! the marching band/colorguard has been preparing really hard for state this weekend & practices have been brutal! we even had practice afterschool friday before the game and one saturday morning before the competition! it was all worth it thought becuase we made finals yesterday! for the first time in 2 years! it was so exciting! we came in 6th @ prelims…beating lexington and dorman(bands we never beat)! but when we made finals we came in 8th…we all think it’s wrigged and it probably is because the band wando always wins….boiling springs is always second… and byrnes is always third! every year since forever!

also on friday morning i got into a car accident! it was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me! the lady in the car who hit us was not paying atttention and took a left turn and slammed into my side…the passenger side! it was so scary seeing the car come at us and hitting us! that is why i missed TC class if anyone hasn’t heard! but me and my boyfriend are both ok…he just has a really bad bruised hip from where he slammed into the door!

this week in class an ESOL teacher came and spoke to us about teaching kids who speak other languages other than english! she goes around to schools all over the district teaching ESOL students! she said that the district has about 400 ESOL students! after hearing her speak to us…if i were to become a teacher i might consider being an ESOL teacher…but im still also considering special education!

so i have observed this week that when you are super busy it sucks to have a super huge obstacle a car accident get in your way! on top of being stressed out about state… i had to worry about that! but accidents happen and you have to learn how to handle them… which is what this accident did for me! it  somewhat gave me a breath of fresh air and gave me a chance to step back and take my mind off state…which was stressing me out! so in a weird way it somewhat helped me:]

“What’s to Gain with a Longer School Day?”

this article says that many schools had to cut PE and recess and that many children don’t participate in after school activites… so children are left unsupervised from 2:30..when the bell rings…. until parents get home! many people have said making school longer will greatly help out working families, improve student motivation, and improve student health! but this wouldn’t apply to DF because we have an already long school day!


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