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Test! November 3, 2009

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Learning Experiences:

This week in class we continued learning about special education children and we  had our first test on the laws and labels of special education.


“An educational system isn’t worth a great deal if it teaches young people how to make a living but doesn’t teach them how to make a life.”

Current Event:

“A New Teacher Salary: $125,00 a year”

Schools in New York are paying higher salaries to teachers of up to $125,00 plus $25,000 bonuses. Schools are spending their budgets on teacher pay in order to get better “teacher quality.”

Read- Alouds:

“One Very Hungry Monster”–> this book was a children’s book about monsters who were hungry and ate all this little kids food. we decided this book could be used to teach rhyme and counting/number patterns.

“Winners Never Quit”–> this book was written by Mia Hamm. she wrote a children’s book about her life as a soccer player. we decided thsi book could be used to teach self-esteem and encouragement in young children.

“The Kissing Hand”–> this book was about raccoons and their first day of school. the kissing hand is when someone kisses your palm and when you get lonely you put your palm to your cheek and remember how much they love you. we decided this book could be used to help soothe yound children on their first day of school

“Cobb”–> this book was about a really mean greedy baseball player and how no one liked him. we decided this book could be used as a history lesson. or a life lesson on how you should read stuff that you like


This week in school, after Taylor’s loss, I have noticed that people at our school really are there for one another after a tragedy in your family. Everyone was there for her no matter the circumstances and almost all her friends and peers went to her dad’s funeral. My heart goes out to Taylor and her family and I hope they can pull through it!




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