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Autism October 25, 2009

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Learning experiences:

This week in TC we have been really hitting autism big time! we watched the Oprah show that was about autism and it showed us the physical and mental restrictions many autistic children have. it also gave us some insight on how parents deal with their autistic children. from this video i learned that it takes $3 million more to care for an autistic child compared to a normal child. also many autistic children go through phases of “stemming.” this is when they grind their teeth or move their hands uncontrollably. one mother said she thinks her son stems because he is trying to “feel himself” because autistic children don’t feel their bodies the way we do. also one father said he knows his son is there wanting to come out but he doesn’t know how to!

we watched parts from i am sam! this is such a great movie about a mentally handicapped father who cares for his daughter because her mother left her with him. in this movie sam also has some mentally disabled friends. we identified each one’s disease and or handicap.

Read- alouds:

i did my first read aloud this week! it was so much fun! i read the ugly duckling! i decided this book could be used to describe self-esteem and the high-pot/low- pot concept we discussed earlier this year. i also said it could be used to talk about different animals and even season for elementary kids.

Tiara read a very noisy night! It was such a cute book… it was about a little mouse who kept hearing spooky noises in the night and the big mouse wouldn’t help until the end. it was very cute! Tiara decided this book could be used to teach onomatopoeia  and Raven said that alot of the furniture in the pictures were shaped like letters and this book could be used to teach the alphabet!

Current event:

Should race be a factor in assigning students to public schools?

this article is talking about how public schools have to keep their diversity window open. it states that since most schools and classes are assigned by gender… trying to have an equal male to female ratio… why shouldn’t they do the same with race. i don’t think race or gender should be a factor unless it is used to make schools equal in the black to white ratio which can help stop all the segregation and racism that still goes on today!


this is more of a personal observation but… i have noticed in my math class that alot of people have been dropping down a level! we have had 4 people drop out of our class and it is ridiculous! even my math teacher was like this is an AP class its a weighted GPA and even if you have like a C or D in the class its still really good! i have a C in the class and i was thinking about dropping until my teacehr showed me my grade and how its different from a regular math class and i decided to stay… i think its just a case of seniority and being lazy:)


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