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Special Education October 18, 2009

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Learning experiences:

This week we have really been buckling down on learning about speical education and special needs children. We have been learning about the many federal laws that have been made for childrem with special needs, such as the 504 and No Child Left Behind Act. These laws prevent special needs children from being left out of public schools and a proper education.


Amanda read “The Little Red Caboose” by Marion Potter. This book was about a little red caboose that saved the day! We decided ths book could be used to teach young children self- esteem because the theme of this story is no matter your size you are capable of doing anything!

Trevor read a story(and I don’t remember the name) but I remember it was about and king(Gengis Khan, I think) and his hawk and hwo the hawk saved his life and he killed it! Mrs. J decided this book would be a good history lesson because kids would remember it because of the accent Trevor was using!


I have noticed this week that people are very rude at our school! Many students do not have manners! Like when they bump or run into you in the hall they get all rude and act like it’s your fault! Like really come on…be mature! And how people practically make a baby in the middle of the hallway like are you seroius? I’m trying to get to class… do that on your own time! I wish this could be fixed… we should have more teachers monitoring the halls during class change or something! or have less time between classes… that way people would move their butts!

Current events:

Are high school failing their students?

This article states that earning your high school diploma should help prepare you for college, but many high schools don’t! The article says that college entry exams are getting harder and high schools aren’t raising their requirements up to meet those of colleges.


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