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guest speakers! October 12, 2009

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learning experinces:

this week in TC class we have had a lot of guest speakers! Mrs. V came and talked to us about bipolar disorder and how to teach kids with this disability. we learned alot about this disease. it causes extreme mood swings and even depression… and also many medicines for BP can take years to begun showing improvement. many ids with BP have to be in special classes and have special privileges that are given to them from the schools and teachers to help better their learning experience. also some former cadets came and talked to us about their experiences in teacher cadets and their first year of college. it gave me some great incite for college and campus life.


Sara Von read “Oh, the thinks you can think.” we decided this book could be used in any classroom to help encourage kids to open their minds and use their imaginations.

Halee read “The pigeon wants a puppy.” we decided this book could be used for younger kids in preschool and kindergarten, because like the pigeon in the story little kids change their minds alot. Mrs. J also said the book could be used for speech classes because the big letters and small letters represent emotions and sounds…like big letters mean they’re yelling!

Rachel read “The witch who was afraid of witches.” this bok was about a little witch who was afraid of her big sisters. we decided this book would be a good lesson on friendship and self-esteem… and could be used for guidance counselors.

current education issues:

Student Dress Policies- this article states that schools with uniforms have a lower percentage of gang violence and teen drug addiction. also school uniforms are cheaper for families because parents don’t have to spend as much money buying regular clothes for school.


i have noticed this week that not many people are spirited! this week was spirit week for the homecoming game and not many people participated…which is kinda sad because everyone should have some school spirit…even if our football team isn’t that amazing!!! i participated as much as i could but i always try to show my school spirit!!:]


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