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multiple intelligences October 3, 2009

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so this week in class we have been learning about multiple intelligences and how people are either auditory, visual, or kinesthetic tactile learner. some of the multiple intelligences include: musical, intrapersonal, interpersonal, and naturalist. we also took some surveys to dtermine what kind of learners we are and i am visual-auditory learner.


Kelsea read us a curious george book in spanish! it was really cool because she read us the spanish version first and then translated it for us in english! we decided this book could be used in a spanish 1 class or in an english as a second language class!

Warren read us a poem from Mossflower. The whole poem was a metaphor for a map, and we decided this could be used in an english or poetry class!


i have noticed that in class we have become closer as a class…almost like a family! i really love this class and i can’t wait to see what else we are going to do. im also excited that were are actually really starting to learn about different methods of teaching. im not really sure if i want to be a teacher but all this incite Mrs. J is giving us is really helping me decided whether or not to be a teacher!

current events:

“is your child getting enough physical education?”

study shows that many elementary school kids are getting their daily 30 minute physical activity but that some middle and high school students are hardly getting any. only about 4 percent of high schools and 7 percent of middle schools are getting their required amount of physical activiy. and 22 percent of schools don’t require physical education at all.


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