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Newberry College Field Trip! September 26, 2009

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ok so yesterday we had a Teacher Cadet conference at Newberry College. It was a lot of fun. We got to meet fellow Teacher Cadets from oher schools in our district, like Irmo and Chapin.

During the conference, we were spoken to by the dean of Newberry College, Carl Horn. Also, aspiring teaches who currently attended Newberry College, talked to us about how it was like going to school to become a teacher. It was really awesome to get some more perspective on what being a teacher is really like!

We played some ice breaker games, which were sooooo much fun!!! We played people tp people first. In this game, you had to touch body parts to different people, such as arm to arm or foot to foot. And plus there were some cute guys there and playing the game was really fun with them:] ha…taylor!! We then got into groups of 10 and played follow the leader! Then the last thing we did was we had a dance party with our groups! ha… it was so fun and I felt like a litle kid again!

We then had to go to workshops! In my workshop we got to make slime and gak!! It was so cool! And I also got to speak to one of the head chemistry and forensics teacher there, Mr. Parrish, because he heard I was interested in forensic pathology, and he gave me sme more incite on forensics!

I actually might consider going to Newberry College because it is a great school! It’s small only 1100 students, so the classes will be smaller, it’s close to home, and it offers what I want to major in!


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