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“losing season” September 2, 2009

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second read aloud: exerpt from “Losing Season” by Pat Conroy

this exerpt was about a teacher who was very inspiring and encouraging to his student. he would always push him even farther, knowing that he was destined for success. in this exerpt pat is reading an assigned book, and as he is reading it he has this burning question that the author is just somehow not answering. he asks his teacher the question and his teacher tells him to go read a part from macbeth and that would answer is question. pat read the part from macbeth and his teaher asked the class the question the next day in school. he asked pat, who by his surprise, had actually gone and read that part in macbeth and knew the answer. his teacher gave him an A+. from then on pat followed all of his teachers advice, and his teacher began helping him alot. and today pat is a teacher!


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