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crayons:] September 2, 2009

Filed under: Uncategorized — Alexis Wilkinson @ 12:08 am

so on the first day of teacher cadet class, we were given a box of crayons and asked to chose one that represented us. i chose a pinkish-red color(melon) because it was bright and colorful, like me! Mrs. J then told us to do whatever we wanted to the crayon that would make it represent us more. this was really tough because i was like ugh what the heck am i supposed to do? i ended up breaking it in half because one of the halves represented the person i am when im happy and the other, the person i am when im mad! which are to completely different people! it was an interesting activity…one that i never would’ve thought about. and if i plan on becoming a teacher it is one i will definitely consider using as an icebreaker.


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